Private Finance

Private Finance

Prudential Consultants specializes in arranging private finance within India as well as internationally. We work with many private international lenders and financiers who can fund from 15M USD to 1B USD+.

Private Finance Consulting & Advisory Services India

Prudential Consultants

Private finance consulting and advisory services in India, For our Indian borrower’s we arrange private loans at reasonable rates who are unable to get bank finance due to various reasons or are simply not inclined to deal with bank due to red tape and non-flexibility of the banks.

Even if you are having CIBIL or NPA issues, our private lenders would be able to help you come out of the vicious circle. Only condition is that your company or production plant should be running. Minimum loan amount is 10 crores and there is no upper limit.

We can also arrange private equity or equity partners for our borrowers worldwide. If an investor likes your business or business idea he may invest in your company by taking a minority or majority stake. Everything will depend on personal meetings and negotiations.