International Project Finance

International Project Finance

Prudential Consultants specialise in arranging project finance internationally at reasonable rates for various types of industries like Infrastructure, energy (solar, hydro,wind, biomass etc.), telecommunications,waste water treatment, processing industries,trade and service sectors, oil and gas etc.

International Project Finance India | Prudential Consultants

International Project Finance India, Our lenders stand by your side with a long term vision. We provide finance, advise and support to private companies operating in developing and emerging market countries. Capital is made available to banks and financial institutions also in developing countries.

For fund managers of private equity funds, we advise and support you in developing your fund. If you are offering loans to businesses in Africa, South America or Asia, then we can fund your lending activities too.

Our minimum loan amount for international deals is 15M USD. We can fund in USD, Euro or local currencies. Term is usually between four to ten years. Collateral is usually borrower’s fixed assets in the country of investment. Interest rates are variable or fixed, depending upon project or country risks.

Initially we need following documents from the borrowers end to ascertain our interest in a particular finance deal:

  • Company profile
  • Last two years audited financials of the parent company and subsidiaries
  • A detailed business plan demonstrating a positive outlook for the coming years
  • An organisational chart showing the corporate structure of the company and the group
  • A description of the developmental effects of the investment

We can join you as your trusted equity partner also in your ventures. We can arrange long term loans(upto 18 years), bond funding, equity capital, mezzanine financing etc. for your company, bank or fund.