Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

We arrange corporate loans ranging from 10 crores to 500 crores all over India at very reasonable rates from banks, NBFC’s, private lenders, speciality funds etc. We also arrange private equity or equity partners for all types of corporates. We specialise in difficult and large sized deals.

Corporate Finance Advisory India | Prudential Consultants

Prudential Consultants India’s best corporate finance advisory and Consultants, We arrange finance for new projects, expansion of existing projects or business, takeover of existing loans for lower rates or enhancement with better terms etc.

Cash credit(CC), overdraft (OD), mortgage loans, LC, BG, PBG are the various types of credit facilities that we for our borrowers on regular basis

We are also specialized in providing growth strategies to all the corporates and governments of the world by increasing their revenues and profits, cutting their costs under various heads and arranging capital or private equity for them at reasonable terms.