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Prudential Consultants is a reputed financial advisory firm based in Ludhiana city of India. We are in this business since last 23 years.

We arrange corporate finance, private equity, private loans, alternative funding etc. to our worldwide borrower's including India.

We provide unique and innovative corporate growth strategies to our Indian and international clients to increase their profits and revenues, reducing their various costs and arranging capital from our lenders located in North America, Europe and Asia.

Our US based lenders are looking for oil and gas, energy(solar, hydro, wind, waste to energy, biomass etc.), infrastructure (telecommunications, airports, ports, railways, refineries, highways etc) to fund. Minimum loan amount is 100M USD.

We also arrange UNSECURED financial instruments like Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Sight LC, Usance LC, Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG), Bank Comfort Letter(BCL), Proof of Funds (POF), Offshore Bank accounts, Escrow services etc. all over the world at very reasonable rates and exceptionally fast service and personalized service. These financial instruments are issued from Class 'A' international bank. These financial instruments are highly beneficial for international trade.

We specialise in arranging private loans for difficult and large finance deals within India. Minimum loan amount is 10 crores. No upper limit. NPA and difficult deals are welcome provided the borrowing entity is still running.

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Initially you can reach us via our application form or email ID mentioned on our website.

We would need an executive summary/ teaser and detailed business plan/project report of the deal to ascertain our initial interest in it. If we find the deal suitable to be taken forward for funding, we'll ask for detailed set of documents from your end. If you have any queries, you may call us or set up a Zoom call or Google meet for clarifying them.

We only forward a deal to our lenders when we are 90% sure of getting it funded. We usually execute Fee Protection Agreement (FPA) with our borrowers before forwarding a particular deal to any one of our lenders.

Why Choose Us

We Have Many Reasons Why Choose Us

We are extremely straight forward and honest in our approach towards our clients. We are not interested in wasting our clients precious time. If a deal is doable we say Yes after verifying all the documents and talking to our borrowers.

If we realise that we won't be able to help our client in getting funding for his project, we say No in a straight forward manner saving his precious time. We also offer suggestions to them pointing them to the right direction so that they can get help from others from the same field.

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I am happy to say that I am regularly in touch with Prudential Consultants because of their exceptional service. Together with the team, I formulated a corporate strategy to boost profit and revenue and bring desired change to my business. Only they are the ones who can set you apart from others. Thank you for your exceptional financial assistance every time!

Diksha Makkar


I reached out to Prudential Consultants for private equity. As the certified and leading financial advisors, they showed their brilliance with their work. Right from the start, when I got hold of them, I felt confident because their different approaches offered a clearly defined solution. Highly recommend consulting them!

Abhishek Khatri


Thank you to the entire team of Prudential Consultants for striking with me every time. I have been getting hold of their services for financial help for five years. The consultant understands my goals and suggests the financial action I should take. It's their thought process that blows my mind every time!

Ishaan Yadav

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